OverAir™ is the name of our Infrastructure Services Division, which designs, builds and manages IT infrastructure for our clients globally, through the effective deployment of hardware, software and networking products from world-renowned manufacturers.
OverAir has strong partnerships with global leaders for supply and support of hardware from computers and peripherals to data communication and telecommunication equipment.
These products employ contemporary technologies with the best of components and are manufactured under strict quality control for optimal performance. In order to ensure selection and deployment of the solution most suited to our customers’ needs and existing hardware/software base, we have several options available in each product range to fulfill the requirement in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner.
We provide specialized networking and communication equipment such as Modems, Routers, Switches & Remote Access Servers with the brand name OverAir.
OverAir has a dedicated team catering to the requirements of Messaging & Workflow solutions for its clients on Novell, Microsoft, Oracle & Lotus platforms. This team has worked extensively on solutions in vertical segments like banking, finance and telecom, deploying contemporary technologies like Directory Services.
OverAir has field-proven expertise in all aspects of networking viz. Voice and Data Switching, VLAN, SNA and APPN, TCP/IP, and Fiber-Optic Transmission, Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Communication Software. We provide a comprehensive set of services for your networking requirements, plan and design the appropriate network; procure necessary hardware and software; install the network; train user personnel; and provide long-term support.
Besides designing we also help in management of the network by integrating multi-vendor products. We provide professional assistance in planning the management and operation of our customers’ networks. This maximizes the efficiency of both the network resources and network management personnel, because, no matter how well the network has been planned with regard to its configuration and facilities, its full potential can only be realized through effective network management.
With our thrust on the total solution approach, hardware by itself is meaningless. Our clients have the benefit of appropriate selection of hardware towards the fulfillment of their computing needs, keeping in view the applications and systems options available. However, as needs are bound to grow with time, we provide our valued clients with easy upgrade paths. We also provide comprehensive maintenance support for all equipment supplied by us, while taking on third party maintenance on a case-to-case basis for our clients’ existing hardware.