School and university managers face an enormous responsibility with increasing pressure to strengthen campus safety today. In fact, educators have to sometimes deal with the same problems as local police — drug sales, weapons possession, and gang violence. OverAir offers a comprehensive range of solutions to secure campuses and school conveyances effectively.

Safer learning

Most schools have limited security budgets. So getting the biggest return on your security investment is important. An integrated video surveillance, access control and audio solution from OverAir gives your school the best possible protection, while letting you better allocate your resources and save on costs.

Intelligent video provides full situational awareness
High resolution images in any light condition and active alerts help even the smallest security teams combat anything from serious risks to bullying, vandalism and absenteeism.

Access control ensures student and staff safety
You decide who has access to what and when. You can also remotely screen visitors and grant after-hour school access without additional staff costs.

Audio solutions enable clear communication
You can send messages anywhere inside or outside your school – even remotely from your Smartphone.


  • Ensure staff and student safety
  • Deter violence and theft
  • Minimize vandalism and costly repairs
  • Easily investigate incidents and identify suspects


Security challenges in the education sector include

  • Monitoring teacher’s behavior
  • Monitoring student behavior
  • Transparent and effective Communication
  • Tracking individuals/ vehicles entering/ leaving the premises
  • Assuring parents of their children’s security
  • High resolution IP cameras for behavior monitoring
  • IP cameras equipped with bidirectional microphone support
  • IP cameras equipped with perimeter detection
  • Remote surveillance made accessible to parents over cloud