Organizations and authorities across the world are discovering the benefits of surveillance in transport. With high definition images, both in real-time and recordings, OverAir  range of transport surveillance solutions with advanced analytics makes possible for any authorized personnel to access information from anywhere, anytime.


Many authorities and companies have already discovered the benefits of Axis’ unique transportation offering. It brings them crystal clear images, both in real-time and recordings. It makes it possible for any authorized person to access relevant information from anywhere, at any time. It allows for automatic incident alerts and alarms. And it creates a cost-efficient, flexible and future-proof video surveillance platform.

Axis is the world leader in IP video, helping its transportation customers to:

Create a safer transportation environment

Reduce costs for vandalism and graffiti

Efficently monitor cargo and property

Reduce incident response times

Quickly decide the correct incident response


Safe public transportation is a worldwide concern, especially responding quickly to traffic accidents and guarding against potential terrorist attacks on transportation facilities. In addition, increased passenger loads and more complex transportation hubs call for a central management system to safeguard against unlawful activities such as pick-pocketing, disorderly behavior, and so on.


Public buses, being a major part of public transportation systems, are the lifeblood of cities, fulfilling an important role in sustaining populous cities. Factors such as increased threats to safety and operational inefficiency, however, are straining the capabilities of bus service operators to optimally manage their fleets and ensure the safety of their passengers. OverAir Technology offers a public bus solution designed to address the unique requirements of this industry.