Law Enforcement

OverAir is committed to providing complete and innovative solutions in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS). The latest solution from OverAir Smart IP Solutions, the Intelligent Traffic System solution includes dedicated, high-performance cameras for event capture, reliable embedded video terminals for event recording, and a centralized video management platform, perfectly unifying all the ITS devices and delivering service-extensible applications.

SurveillanceĀ applications for Police Dept.

Police Station Surveillance

Monitoring of feeds form Police Station for L&O management

Surveillance Vans

Provide live feeds and geo- Location form location of incident for faster emergency response

Towing Van Surveillance

Cameras installed at the front and back of Towing Van provides live feed to the control room

Dashboard Cameras

Ready to install HD cameras with built-in memory, specially designed for Police vehicles (viz., PCR vans, Towing Vans etc.)

Traffice Surveillance

Surveillance at Traffic junctions for smooth traffic operations and management with ANPR solution

RLVD & Speed Violation

It all helps you resolve more cases

With your operations center keeping them constantly informed, your officers and other first responders know exactly what or whom to look for. This not only improves their safety, but also enables more coordinated response with better chances of immediate arrests. And with the high-quality images and video evidence from your cameras, you have more opportunities to bring suspects to justice.

For more on how connected video solutions come together to help you battle crime, be sure to download our law enforcement info graphic.